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FEVERTREE is a Memphis-based rock band that pulls heavily from their Southern roots. They put forth a powerful and soulful mix of Southern Rock, Blues, Funk and nitty-gritty rock-and-roll. The band was formed in 2014 by Tim Dills, John Patterson, Mike Bertoldo, and Kyle Reed. With over 50 years of combined experience in the Memphis music industry scene among its members, FEVERTREE has evolved into a band that describes its music as “uniquely blended, finely crafted, Southern rock and roll.”



Following four years playing cover tunes, the band, realized that its true calling was to create original music. Pulling from influences such as Van Halen, Journey, Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Arc Angels, and Skynyrd, the band began composing their tunes. One year later and after countless hours of laughing, fighting, severe A.D.D., and good bourbon, the debut album was finally complete. Aptly titled Lessons Learned, the band proudly released the album in January of 2019. The album is composed of soulful, blues-influenced Southern rock, a true reflection of the band’s combined influences.



Late 2019 brought changes as the band found itself in need of a new bass player. Semi-local bassist Rocko Walls was first introduced to the band via another local band, The Shotgunbillys. Rocko had travelled to Memphis from Kennett, Missouri to fill in for the band’s regular bassist on a number of occasions. The FEVERTREE guys took notice of his playing and invited him to come down to Memphis and jam. One time is all it took for the guys to realize what a perfect fit he was both musically and personally and so, FEVERTREE, Chapter 2 had begun.


The band began rehearsing immediately for live shows but 2020 took its toll, as it did for everyone. So it was decided that instead of waiting on life to return to normal and resume live gigs, a new record would be written. FEVERTREE was back in the studio in June of 2021 with 10 new kick ass, Southern Rock, Blues-Nitty-Gritty, Rock and Roll songs, with a few new twists!!


The new album Social Mediocracy is out now on all digital platforms!  

Please check it out as well as our initial offering Lessons Learned!

Social Mediocracy and Lessons Learned are both available on CD right here on our website.  Just click on  the SHOP tab above.





New singles!!

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